“Garrigus Fit, Trim and Playing Well” at John Deer


PGA Tour Article

“I was carrying around 210 pounds and sweating coming down Sunday, not making good swings, not thinking right, because my fitness wasn’t right,” he said. “My energy level wasn’t there.”

So, Garrigus changed his diet, hit the gym with a vengeance and benched the familiar 27-inch putter he had dubbed “Mini Me” in favor of 47-inch belly putter he refers to as “Dr. Evil.” The doctor has not completely cured his evils on the greens, as Garrigus has gone from 166th in Strokes-Gained Putting a year ago to 142nd entering the JDC. But the fitness has factored.If Garrigus can’t quite yet be called buff, he certainly is getting there. He committed in the offseason to a fitness routine under the guidance of two-time world Tae Kwan Do champion Eric AH-Yuen and didn’t waver. “I worked out morning and afternoon on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Christmas Eve,” he said.