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Who We Are

iGolfStrong, founded by ERIC AH-YUEN, PGA Tour Performance Coach, is the leader in the golf performance industry using a solid evidence - based approach to train some of the world’s most elite golfers on Tour.

Our systematic approach of golf movements and conditioning divides the year round programming into phases of training cycles to maximize an athlete's body for optimal performance. Our Tour proven Strength and Conditioning Program continually helps players achieve peak performance and reduce their risk of injuries. Whether a Pro or an amateur golfer, we develop golf-athletes of all ages and levels.

Eric has also been a World Class Athlete for many years and is currently one of the youngest 7th Degree Tae Kwon Do Master in the world. He competed world wide in Tae Kwon Do medalling at 4 World Championships and eventually winning a Gold Medal in 2005.

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What We Do

  • Step 1


    We use a unique assessment protocol which identifies potential areas of functional improvement, movement efficiency, joint range of motions, weakness and asymmetries within an athlete's body. It is the road map for our program design. The feedback is paramount for charting your developmental progress.

  • Step 2


    We design a systematic customized golf fitness program base on all the components of your performance testing and training phases. We chart your development as you improve athletically and modify its contents to meet the athlete’s rate of progress.

  • Step 3


    We organize and plan in advance to optimize performance. It is based on the concept of periodization and the principles of athletic training over time. The objective of training is to reach a high level of peak performance in the calendar of competition.

  • Step 4


    We facilitate effective techniques and modalities to enhance the recovery process in order to optimize training time and optimal athletic performance. The recovery period is essential in maintaining an athlete physical and psychological well-being and crucial in the pursuit of intense physical training and satisfying performances.

What We Offer

Evaluation & Assessment

Our unique assessment protocol identifies potential areas of functional improvement, weakness and asymmetries within an athlete's body. It is the road map for our program design. The feedback is paramount for charting your developmental progress.

Private Training

Private training at iGolfStrong is an excellent option for clients who prefer exclusive 1-on-1 coaching with variable schedules. We believe every golfer should have access to the same service our tour players receive and that is exactly what our golfers get in our private training sessions.

Group Training

Group workouts are a popular, and more cost-effective, training option. Individualized programming designed to address your personal objectives is maintained as training group size is controlled (max= 8 per group) to ensure focused coaching attention, proper technique and safety.

Team Training

Our customized training programs are designed for any golf teams such as high school or collegiate teams focusing on enhancing athleticism and providing the tools for peak performance. We strive on building team chemistry with supervised training in a group setting. Additionally, athletes have access to an annual training program design and consultation on our exclusive on line portal off-site training.

Tour Training

Competing at the highest level is very demanding on the athlete. Our Tour services program for PGA, LPGA and allows our athletes to have piece of mind throughout the year because we plan it all out. We break up the training program into the offseason, preseason, inseason, and the postseason. This way we have our athletes peaking at the right times, staying healthy and on track for a long-lasting and successful golf career.

Performance Therapy

The AIS (Active Isolated Stretching) method of muscle lengthening and fascial release is a type of Athletic Stretching Technique that provides effective, dynamic, facilitated stretching of major muscle groups, but more importantly provides functional and physiological restoration of superficial and deep fascial planes

Our PGA Tour Clients

Robert Garrigus

PGA Tour

John Huh

PGA Tour. Rookie of 2012

William McGirt

PGA Tour

Steve Wheatcroft

PGA Tour

DH Lee

PGA Tour

Lee McCoy

All- American & SEC player of the year

Garth Mulroy

European Tour

Arjun Atwal

PGA Tour

Jin Park

PGA Tour

Kyle Thompson

PGA Tour

Kris Blanks

PGA Tour

Gary Hallberg

Champions Tour

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